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Frequently Asked Questions about PotionEmpire.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: I can't go on with the character creation because it always say: "The name already exists...". Is that a bug?
A: No. The entire sentence says: 'the name you choosed is already in use, you did not specified a first name and a last name, or the name is too long'. Try to write a name and a surname (not too long!) and it will probably work!

Q: The extraction times are driving me crazy... every time I try changing them, it returns a 0% of precision, even with the right solvent. Is this normal?
A: Well... are you sure you are changing the equipment combinations every time? A precision of 0% indicates that you are using the wrong equipments, else you would certainly get a precision higher then 0%.

Q: After creating a rotten potion, if there are no more place in the recipary, I can't see the hints in the Potion Summary page . Why?
A: That is not really exact. Most probably you are referring to the recipe notes rather then to the "errors found" button, which is the button you should press to check the errors of the newly created potions.

Q: I'm testing a recipe that returns me 83% of precision in both cases, if i set the cauldron time to 50 minutes or to 60 minutes. How is it possible? If I decrease the time of extraction of an equipment or I increase it, the percentage remains the same?.
A: Well, in that case the right time must be 55 minutes, the halfway between 50 and 60.
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